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 a.    Company History

Founded in 2007, Derm Plus Trading Inc. aims to become one of the best distributor and importer of cosmetics line in the country by pursuing the best quality.

During the past 8 years, Derm Plus Trading Inc. has generated a deep and valuable impression on consumers not only of its quality products but also through the trust and confidence built on the consumer’s extensive mind.

As an affiliated company of Derm Plus Korea Co., Ltd., manufacturer of Rucy’s Vanity in Korea, and with an experienced marketing and sales in the Philippines more than 6 years. Now, DRV Cosmetics Trading has continually broken new grounds in cosmetics distribution and aims to go against the conventional cosmetics distribution by living with the motto, “Satisfying customers first.”


Strategy & Vision

 a.    Vision statement

All good things come from good vision. DRV Cosmetics Trading is committed to the future of beauty. With DRV Cosmetics Trading, quality and affordability will synthesize the market’s broad appeal on our brand.

 b.    Mission statement

Our mission is to create high quality products that will satisfy the needs of our consumers, working as a team with co-distributors and the most prominent department stores and malls nationwide.


Products & Services

 a.    Brand Profile

Rucy’s Vanity is a 100% Korean cosmetics brand offering high quality cosmetics in a more reasonable price to create a beautiful life.

We have experienced a know-how attitude to drastically change the production and distribution of our products with the hopes of omitting intermediate stops, including the current mini-large retailers, as well as on the supply and its plan to enter the market in Southeast Asia. 

 b.    Products

Rucy’s Vanity offers a wide range of high quality Korean skincare and cosmetic products for both men and women.

 c.    Target Market

Rucy's Vanity initially targets budget-conscious Filipino consumers, which value both affordability and quality of their skincare and cosmetic products. Market, plays an important role of a bridgehead in the Philippines and we’re expecting to make a full-fledged stay in the industry.

 d.    Market Strategies

Because of the direct import, reduced packaging cost, low marketing & advertising cost, Rucy’s Vanity has made its way to the Philippine market as an affordable Korean cosmetic brand to tell the excellence of Korean products gain the foothold in the market or industry. This brand has started in the Philippine market and now trying to expand our market in different Asian countries.

 e.    Quality policies

All products are certified from the Korea Food and Drug Administration and Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We are confident that our products will be loved and patronized by the Filipino consumers.


Thank you for taking the time to read our company profile.

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at 0928-900-1717 / 0915-298-7829 or landline: 695-3091





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